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Louisiana Course

​This is the 90 Hour Course you are required to take to get your Salesperson's License in Louisiana. All of the information you need to pass the examination and apply for your license is concentrated in this one course!

The following is included in your tuition:

  • 90 Hour Course

  • Principles of Louisiana Real Estate Textbook (in-class courses only, optional for online)

  • Web-Based Practice Questions (HUNDREDS of Practice Test Questions)

  • Review Compact Discs (Optional)

Topics include:

  • Property Ownership

  • Land Use Controls and Regulations

  • Valuation and Market Analysis

  • Financing

  • Laws of Agency

  • Mandated Disclosures

  • Contracts

  • Transfer of Property

  • The practice of Real Estate

  • Real Estate Math

  • Louisiana Laws, Rules and Regulations

  • Louisiana Civil Law System

  • Louisiana Law of Agency

Alabama Course

This is the principles and practices course for every real estate license exam applicant. In this course you will learn the basic real estate fundamentals including state laws and regulations.


Topic areas include:

Property Law

Land Use Controls

Valuation and Market Analysis

Real Estate Finance


Real Estate Disclosure

Contract Law

Title and Escrow Process

Practice of Real Estate

Real Estate Math



A special section dedicated to Alabama rules and laws needed to pass the state license exam.

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