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  • When I finish my program, can I start selling real estate immediately?
    Not yet, you still have to pass the National and State licensing exams!
  • Do I have to work for a real estate company or can I work for myself?
    You must work under a licensed real estate broker. (Ask us about Real Estate opportunities in your area!)
  • Do I need to know what company I want to work for before I take this course?
    Nope! We can help you decide which Real Estate company would work best for you!
  • What topics are covered in the courses?
    Topics include: Property Ownership & Law Land Use Controls and Regulations Valuation and Market Analysis Real Estate Financing Laws of Agency Mandated Disclosures Contract Law Transfer of Property Practice of Real Estate Title & Escrow Process Real Estate Math State Laws, Rules and Regulations State Civil Law System State Law of Agency
  • What is the Alabama in-person class schedule?
    Current Class Schedule: Classes are held Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 4:00PM Daily for 2 weeks September 12th - 23rd October 10th - 21st November 7th - 18th December 12th - 23rd *Note: Tuition is non-refundable due to limited seating.
  • What is the Louisiana in-person class schedule?
    Class meets Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, we offer real estate courses in a variety of scheduling formats to increase convenience and help you fit your real estate education into your lifestyle. This includes full daytime classes, part-time day classes, and evening classes at many of our campus locations. (schedules may vary by campus) Our course options also include a convenient combination course consisting of Classroom Learning and Internet Learning together for maximum flexibility. In other words, we combine all of the resources available to us here to ensure you receive a top-quality education and the necessary tools to pass your real estate exam! The options are many, the choice is up to you!
  • What is included in my tuition for the Louisiana course?
    Your tuition includes: 90 Hour Course Principles of Louisiana Real Estate Textbook (for in-class courses, optional for online) Access to classroom lectures at campus for 6 months (in-class courses only) Full access to online campus for 6 months Direct access to instructor team via email and message board (in-class courses) Access to Web-Based Practice Questions (HUNDREDS of Practice Test Questions) Review Compact Discs (Optional)
  • What is covered in the post-licensing course?
    The post-licensing course covers topics such as agency, listing, contracts, real estate law, financing, broker and sales agent relationships, anti-trust issues, technology, and appraisal
  • Do I HAVE to complete continuing education courses EVERY year?
    Generally, yes. Most states require you to complete the continuing education courses every year in order to sustain your license. Be sure to check your state laws for further clarification.
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